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The Elements of New Testament Greek by Jeremy Duff

The text book which this site and all its resources ties into. (Don't worry that Amazon are confused by the foreword by 'David Wenham'.)

It is focused on its aim of helping you learn enough Greek to read the New Testament. It assumes nothing, and proceeds step-by-step with thousands of practice questions and examples taken from every book of the New Testament.

New Testament Greek Listening Materials by Jeremy Duff and Jonathan Pennington

This CD accompanies The Elements of New Testament Greek and contains a recording of all the vocabulary, all the main grammatical tables, and all of the biblical passages used.

Listening to this CD will definitely help with your memorisation.


The Elements of New Testament Greek Paperback and Audio CD Pack

A pack containing both of the above.

A Concise Dictionary of New Testament Greek by WC Trenchard

The best dictionary available for students.

The Greek New Testament ed. K Aland

The United Bible Society's 4th Edition. The standard text of the New Testament.

The Greek New Testament with Dictionary ed. K Aland

The same text as the above, but with a handy dictionary in the back.


Novum Testamentum Graeca ed. E Nestle & K Aland

The 27th edition of the other standard text of the New Testament (the text it gives is the same as the UBS 4th edition above).


Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament by BM Metzger

Comments on all the important textual variants in the New Testament.


A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature ed. W Bauer & FW Danker

The standard 'heavyweight' Greek dictionary.


Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek by BM Meztger

A great tool to help you build up your knowledge of Greek vocabularly.


Reader's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament by S Kubo

Gives more unusual vocabulary in the order it appears in the New Testament, making reading much faster.


A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament by M Zerwick & M Grosvenor

The perfect companion to reading the New Testament, giving every difficult grammatical form or vocabulary item.


Interlinear NASB-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English ed. A Marshall

Presents two different English translations alongside the Greek text. Very useful.


Greek Accents: A Student's Manual by DA Carson

If you want to learn about Greek accents, this is the book.

Bibleworks 6

The most powerful bible software for study in the original languages.


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