First date

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The first date is a kind of tasting an unfamiliar drink. Will it not be poison?

A man and a woman look at each other like fighters in the ring, learn the weaknesses and strengths of each other, tastes and preferences. But sometimes, you are so carried away that you throw yourself into embrace, not even waiting for the second meeting!

By the way, sex on a first date can be a good catalyst for further relationships. If the fact that you were in the same bed before you managed to get rid of the heartburn from dinner on the first date already serves for the guy to be rude to you, reproach or, God forbid, insult, it’s time to tell him: “Yours Time is up. Who is next?”

Well, if you see it “in all it is glory” at once, and you will not waste your precious time on this hopeless occupation. It is not out of place to show maximum observation even in the most luxurious moments of intimacy. If you feel that it was not a simple fuss in the dark under the blanket, but something really intimate – what could be between two people open to each other – it really was real intimacy, not the result of fermentation in the brain bubbles from drunk champagne. And your relationship still sooner or later would lead you to a common bed, so do not worry.

If the fault is still drunk and the fact that you have long forgotten, when the male leg last stepped on your bedside mat, relax and just enjoy the moment.

You are already an adult, so take this situation in an adult way. We women also have their desires and needs, and we need physical closeness no less than men!