Games for loved ones

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To play on the feelings of a loved one can sometimes be useful. We will tell you how to do this not only the safest way for the relationship, but also the most exciting. Read on for a few ideas for sex games that will give your relationship an atmosphere of fun, easy flirting, add diversity to the prelude and provide unforgettable memories.

 Strip Pong

Perhaps you’ve ever played beer-pong? For those who have not heard it is an alcoholic game in which players tend to hit the ping-pong ball in the opponent’s glass at the other end of the table. Here the principle is about the same. Take six plastic cups and set them in the shape of a triangle at the different ends of the table. Players take turns trying to get the ping-pong ball into the glasses of their “opponent”. When one of you hits the target, the glass is removed from the table, and the one in whose goal they hit removes something from the clothes. The first, who will manage to hit the ball in all six glasses of the enemy, orders a sex desire of his choice.

Sex Cards

You will need a deck of cards in which each suit needs to be given a certain value: worms – kisses, tambourines – massage, crosses – caresses hands, peaks – oral caresses. Take the card in turn from the deck, and perform the action in the suit. The older the card – the more seconds the stimulation lasts. For example, the one who caught a nine drum, does massage to a partner for nine seconds. And to whom the peak ace – does blowjob (or cunnilingus) for one minute.

Step forward and step backward

One partner lays down on the bed, and the other rises in the doorway. The one who is on the bed – checks the partner for knowledge of himself. Questions can be different: from sex (for example, favorite position) to personal (where you dream to go on vacation). For each correct answer, the subject approaches one step closer. Every wrong step is backwards. When he correctly answers all the questions and reaches the bed – receives in reward sex. With the help of this game, both of you will be able to irritate your sexual appetite, and simultaneously get to know each other better.