This website is designed to support those learning and teaching New Testament Greek using The Elements of New Testament Greek by Jeremy Duff.

This book is written with a single aim:

to help you learn enough Greek to read the New Testament.




Learning Greek is a great goal, and it is achievable, but it's not easy. Therefore this website contains a range of resources to help. In particular look at the free software which is available, and try out some of the links to other web resources. Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the audio CD which accompanies the book, in the Buy Online section.


Teaching Greek is not easy either. Although the book is written to help students, we teachers need help too! Therefore there are resources here for teachers. In particular there are PowerPoint slides available corresponding to all the different parts of the book.


Writing a Greek Book also has its difficulties. Therefore you will find a link to an errata sheet listing any reported mistakes and oddities in the book, and to a feedback section where you can pass on comments which will be used to improve the book, and this website, in the future.

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