How to diversify sex life

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Dirty massage

You need a blanket and massage oil. Undress and let your partner lubricate you with oil and massage wherever he wants. After that, go to the actual sex. How it works: lubrication increases sensitivity not only in the genital area (so we recommend always using lubricants), but also the sensitivity of the entire skin. In addition, sex with a masseuse / masseuse is a common and strong erotic fantasy.

Bad girl

You will need a towel or a palm. Yes, this is an interesting sexual game with flogging on the pope. You confess to your offenses for today, and you are punished for it. How it works: In addition to changing role relationships, stimulation of the buttocks causes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs.


You will need a new shaver and shaving gel. To shave, of course, you need intimate body parts to each other. How it works: in this way, you and your partner have not interacted yet, and the feeling of novelty of touch with a slight degree of danger of cut – is exciting.

Card game

You will need a deck of cards and a stopwatch. Give each of them several cards. Each suit means a kind of affection: worms – kisses, tambourines – massage, clubs – penetration, and peaks – oral caresses. The value of the card means the duration in seconds. Jacks, ladies and kings – in minutes. Depending on the set that you fell out, you get an individual and unpredictable program of caresses.

Tickling for stripping

Take turns tickling each other. Everyone who laughed or began to dodge, takes off one thing from himself until someone remains completely naked. However, you most likely will go to sex before the end of the game. How it works: Paradoxically, but tickling causes a strong excitement, similar to sex. And your undressing in the process of sexual games for couples makes your excitement quite uniquely directed.

Your fantasies

Sit opposite to each other and tell in turn your most secret desires. Alternately taking off your clothes in each turn. How it works: oral communication on forbidden topics is a powerful stimulator of attraction. Sometimes people feel a rush of attraction, even discussing topics that are abstracted from sex, but in a trusting environment.