If the first date ended in sex

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Contrary to the beliefs of our mothers and grandmothers, sex on a first date is not a reason to hang a red lantern at our own door and try on a label of a lout.

Your first date was wonderful. The handsome gentleman turned out to be a wonderful, witty interlocutor for a chic dinner in a decent restaurant. And ended not with a romantic kiss at your door, but with crumpled sheets and a hastily drunk a cup of coffee. And what do we have after that? In most cases, a beautiful lady reels around her own phone and is tormented by the thought: will he ring? ..

If men, according to scientists, spend most of their lives thinking about sex, then women spend all this time waiting for phone calls after the first date. We, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, now and then check the phone for service, counting how many days, hours and minutes have passed since the moment he threw the secret “I’ll call …”, now and again we remember our mistakes and bloopers, we make up an endless list claims to yourself …

What can we say about the meeting, which ended in rapid sex. But do not rush to call first! Leave the initiative to him. And in order not to go crazy, be distracted and remember that contrary to the beliefs of our mothers and grandmothers, sex on a first date is not an occasion to hang a red lantern at your own door and try on yourself a label of a lout.

Men like to talk about the fact that they are by their nature conquerors and will not rest until they achieve surrender from unapproachable ladies who are able to keep their bastions for a long time. And then they are uninteresting to them. In fact, not everything is so straightforward. Intimate closeness on the first date does not always put an end to further serious relations. If you are attractive, smart and really liked your new friend, then a shared night will not become your minus. And if he does not need you, then why do you need him?