Sex Gangsters sex game

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Let’s be honest. There’s a big difference between gangsters and the mafia. Gangsters in the way that we think today are usually thugs that jump in out of jail, acting tougher than they really are and just trying to make it through the day. Mafia men are sophisticated. We think of Al Capone’s Scarface and men in suits with uzi guns when we think of the mafia. Sex Gangsters honestly gives me such strong mafia vibes. The game is all about building a name for yourself and building your empire through various business investments and girls to join your gang. Let’s look at a few important aspects of the game.


Some rich old guy, it might be your uncle or grandfather or whoever, is having sex with a bunch of prostitutes and decides that you need to get into the family business more. How do you do that? Well, he gives you money and a few girls and tells you to go out and start your own empire of sexual conquest (my words, not his). You travel all over the world, meeting and seducing women of various nationalities, ethnicities, and sexual experiences.
He sends you challenges that you can complete to then rise through the ranks. The girls all have fairly basic character traits and stories to go with them, like the young virgin who’s overbearing parents push her into the arms of a bad boy. Or the slutty nurse. A staple in porn games.


Ok, there’s a lot to talk about here, so bear with me for a minute.
You have a set amount of energy. Each girl has a few levels that you have to go through before you can move on to the next level. Energy is used to advance through the levels. Some levels require items. You spend your money to buy those items or you can steal them from other people playing the game.

Like with all the hentai games I’ve played, the more powerful your bitches are the more naked they are. Each girl requires a certain number of items before you can upgrade them There are three ways to get these items—you can buy the item then and there, you can earn it from another level, or you can steal it from other people who are also playing the game. Be warned though: those players can steal from you too. Make sure your girls are powerful enough to withstand a fight.

You can buy businesses as a way to earn revenue, such as a modeling agency, or a wellness center or even a porn studio. Upgrading them leads to more money more frequently.

You can also dress up your character and your girls. The clothes that you choose give you bonuses in the battles.
The girls and your weird uncle or whoever he is will give you quests to complete. Completing them gets you more money to use and more items or it lets you upgrade the girls.

It sounds way more complicated than it really is.


The graphics definitely go more towards the comic style, which isn’t a bad thing. The girls have more details in their pictures which is common. I will say that the comics have a lot of detail to them and they definitely aren’t afraid of what they show you. I think each is a very nice progression on each other and over all is very enjoyable. I personally think that this would be good as an online web comic for adults. As part of the game, it’s one of the game’s strongest points. I also really like that you can dress your character up and the design of the clothes. I’ve never seen that before in these types of games.


Ok, no free game is really free. It is a fact of life that we as internet users have accepted and tolerate about the games we love to play. Sex Gangsters is no different in this area of the game. You can buy extra materials from the store, like gold bars, cash, girls, items, etc.
I will say that it is pretty easy to get the items/cash that you need from just beating other players and running businesses. If you’re patient, your energy fills up pretty quickly and there’s not a whole lot that you need the gold bars for.

If you’re one of those people that’s willing to shell out some money for the game, the prices are in the lower range of some that I’ve seen. There’s always a sale or promotion going on that will encourage you to buy more. Some of them have really good offers like extra gold bars from other amounts. But again, this is one of those games where you almost don’t need to spend any money to play it. If you decide to, it’s because you just want to play the game faster.
I will say that they are kind of pushy on this matter. It feels like they’re always telling you to buy this item in the tutorial.


Like another game that I’ve played recently, not music to this game. However, where it worked with that game, here I feel that the game could use something. They could very easily do a score for each county based on popular tastes or have just a general song playing. There’s just something missing with the game since there’s no music. There’s so much potential if they would just go for it.


This game literally has so much smut it’s almost insane. In the first two girls that I saw, you see various women getting double or triple teamed and you yourself are just making your way across the world, fucking as many bitches as you can get. Like every level of the game that you go through has at least one or two girls getting screwed.

I know this is a hentai game, and that’s literally the point of them, but… I think there’s too much sex. Before I’m attacked let me explain. I’ve played a lot of these games for review and one of the most satisfying parts is knowing that you earned what you’re seeing. Here it’s just shoved in your face like it’s trying to be outlandish and shock you. Like the virgin seeing her professor getting triple teamed or seeing the dean fuck a student looking for better grades.
For what it is, it’s good. I personally think it’s too much.


It’s a really good game. There’s a very clear story, the images are beautiful, there’s more than enough sex for you to witness, and the game is fun to play. Again, the issues I mentioned earlier mostly fall into personal preferences. It’s a good game and its lots of fun. Personally, I kind of wish there was more music and a little less sex. Not a lot less, just not quite as in your face with the shock factor.
Again, the game as it is a good game. I enjoyed myself immensely and went back several times to play again.
Log on today to see if you think what I say is just load of shit.