There are many ways to learn Greek but this often involves memorisation and lots of practice. The exercises and practice sections in the book, and the PowerPoint slides from the Teaching Resources page are designed for this. A number of additional learning resources and software programmes to get you on your way are also available free of charge here.

Hot Potatoes

This software runs on the web so all you need is internet access and no downloads are necessary. It is a set of vocabulary testing games based on the words learnt within the chapters of The Elements of New Testament Greek. Click on the links below to test your knowledge of each chapter, or feel free to have a go at the more difficult sections.










VocabOne is flashcard programme for testing your vocabulary. It works on any PC and all you need to do is click the following link for the full downloads and information.

Get started with VocabOne

We are always researching new resources to help you learn New Testament Greek so keep a look out for the latest software and exercises.

The following links might also be useful:

  • The Greek New Testament Gateway
    A continually updated and trustworthy list of useful resources, covering the whole
    area of learning and using New Testament Greek. This is your best entry point to Greek web resources.

  • Greek New Testament
    Another presentation of the New Testament (NA26). While this is not as quite as sophisticated as Zhubert's used to be, it is extremely user friendly (not even requiring fonts) and attractively presented.
  • Greek Fonts
    As soon as you start to learn Greek and want to use a computer, the question of
    fonts arises. This page is a good starting point for getting to grips with the
    unfortuantely rather complex situation. Another useful resource on Greek fonts
    is here.

  • Song Of The Lamb- Interactive Driller
    An interactive website providing parsing practice for nouns, verbs and participles. While it is organised according to the chapter arrangement of a different book, in practice it is usable by anyone. Parsing, particularly parsing verbs and participles, is one of the most difficult parts of Greek and practice here will make perfect.
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