Visuals Made Easy

A whole series of PowerPoint slides have been created to accompany The Elements of New Testament Greek.

Feel free to download all or any of them, and use them in any way that helps. You can also alter them as you wish, or use them as the basis for creating your own visuals. While they have been designed for digital projectors, it would not be too much work to convert them for printing out for the use of an overhead projector.

The only condition for downloading these files, is that they and any files you create using material from them can only be used for your own personal use. If you do create your own material, please do send them into the site, so others can benefit from them. If you would like to request or send extra material, please use the Contact Us section.



Alternatively these are available for download in black and white. If this would be more convenient please follow these links:

In addition to this please follow the link to Student Resources and have a look at the Hot Potatoes vocabulary testing programme. This is available for free online and is also excellent for teaching New Testament Greek.

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