Variety in the bed

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7 minutes in paradise

Playing on time. Kitchen, or any other timer is set for 7 minutes, and you quickly move to the darkest and closest place in the house, just the two of you can fit. The timer creates a sense of urgency and haste, and a closed secluded place will give a peppery prohibition. This is how it winds!

Hide and Seek Sex Toys

Hide your sex toys (handcuffs, bandages, vibrators, lubricants) to the nooks of your nest, and let your partner look for them. As the toys are found, apply them to each other before you start looking for new ones.

20 naughty questions

During the next long trip together in the car, you can engage in gay sex entertainment – a game of 20 questions. Instead of guessing a person, place or thing, tease each other with fantasies. Your partner should ask you to 20 yes-or-no questions, for example, about which sex scenario is most desired for you. Will this happen in the house? or RPGs are part of this fantasy? Apart from a fun game, it’s also a good way to explore each other’s sexual desires.


A classic game can also become sexual. One of the partners needs to blindfold. The second begins to whisper to call to him the one who is in the bandage, and he must look for it by ear. As soon as the first one is caught, the “massacre” of sex is committed over him.

Sex puzzles

The game also starts undressing one of the partners and then blindfolding him so that he does not see anything. Tease the partner by using a number of different sex items – caress his cock with silk panties, pour his breast with chocolate syrup and lick it all off, wind beads on the inside of his trouble.

 My light, mirror

This game is not only fun. but also a good way to show a partner what turns you on, as well as to study his sexual appetites. Both must undress and sit opposite each other on the bed. One touches, kisses, licks different parts of the partner’s body, and the second must exactly repeat these actions.